Guide To Sports Betting.

Welcome to the first installation of my article series on the Guide to Sports Betting.

Who am I? Well, my clients call me the Sensei. Basically, I am a teacher. I run a sports betting syndicate on the web, but more importantly I try to teach sports gamblers how to be sports investors. I decided to help folks out because I have done very well in this business through trial and error, seeing other peoples’ mistakes, and by using some of the same business models I used through my previous corporate career. I have written an E-Book that I have sold on eBay for almost a year and have sold numerous copies through that site and through my own web page.

Through years of experience, I have unlocked the code to making money in this business. I am the only one who has decided to put the keys of success into writing. You can not find another source on the subject.

There are many articles written on how to select games, but none Sports betting written on what to do with them. I will teach you, but you must be willing to learn.

Until now, there has not been written one single unbiased analysis of how to run your sports investing business. Trust me, I have looked. There are many sites to show you what games to play and advice on money management, but nothing on how to make this work. Here is where I come in.

All you need to know is that I win, and I will help you win, as long as you agree to follow these simple rules:

1. Play games from only one source at a time.

2. Manage your money.

3. Treat this as your own business.

That CAN’T be it you must be thinking to yourself…. But it is. These simple rules are so very hard to follow.

In the pages you are about to read, I will show you how. I can tell you this because I have tripped over them many times before I became a master in sports investing. I have seen statistics that somewhere between only 1% and 15% of the public wins money in this business. Who really knows the true result, but the main reason for this is lack of discipline. It’s a head game, and a game of emotion. If you take emotion out of the equation and treat this as a business, then there is hope for you. You can and will make money in sports investing.