5 Alternative Uses For NFL Football Helmets

It’s a generally accepted rule that NFL football helmets should be worn only when playing the sport. What’s wrong with wearing them off of the field? People wear baseball caps & golf visors all the time, and a bicycle helmet is a modified version of the ones hockey players use.

Well seeing how NFL helmets can be used in many neat ways, maybe it’s time to change public perception and start wearing them in public… it’s a win-win situation, as you also get to support your favorite team.

5 Cool Alternative Ways To Use Your NFL Football Helmet:


  1. Protection- Going to a road game? It can be tough for an NFL fan that dares to flaunt his team’s logo in the opponent’s home field. An authentic NFL helmet provides ample protection against food & beverage throwing cretins.
  2. Intimidate your enemies- Gain a psychological advantage when dealing with shiftless landlords, car salesmen, and ex’s. Don’t shave for a few days, apply some lamp-black under your eyes, don a helmet, & scowl. Your adversary will be too rattled to ask why you’re wearing ยูฟ่าเบท all that “ridiculous” stuff. For added intimidation, wear shoulder pads.
  3. Greet like a man- Is there any manlier greeting than head-butting your buddy? It’s even better when wearing helmets as the sound they make upon impact is way cool.
  4. Stand no more- Do you live in an urban area and commute via subway? Do you always stand because you’re not forceful enough to get a seat? Wear a helmet and simply head butt into oblivion anyone who gets in your way. Once you’ve claimed your seat, relax and take a nap (see below).
  5. Nap gear- Do you like to nap in public? An NFL football helmet will provide padding, privacy, and reduce noise while you lean back & snooze as well as protect you against head lice and loose-bowelled birds.

What kind of fan are you?

Unless you have a tattoo of your team’s logo, nothing says “superfan” more than owning an NFL team helmet. The average NFL fan is not a player and will buy helmets strictly for display and/or as a hobby, but… collecting authentic NFL helmets can cost upwards of $200, and the autographed models can easily go for two or three times as much.

What’s good to know is that all of this doesn’t have to be that expensive – there are much more affordable alternatives to buying costly authentic football helmets…