Do Dick Pumps Really Work?

So, the question is do dick pumps work? Dick pumps, or penis enlargement pumps to put it more eloquently, are popular pieces of kit that are used by placing the pump over the shaft, and then pumping it either manually or via the machine itself. The air is drawn out, a vacuum is created, and your blood is drawn into your dick. The key here is that you’ll get a firmer erection, but that your penis will also look (temporarily) larger thanks to the huge amount of blood you’ve pumped into it. Nice.

Do dick pumps work? The answer seems to be a resounding yes. Not only do they give you’re a firmer, longer lasting erection, but they also add inches to your length, allowing you to feel proud of your boner. Let’s be honest; don’t all men wish they were bigger? Don’t they all want to have that extra bit of something that will give them the confidence to go out there and show it off (in an appropriate setting, of course)? With a dick pump that’s exactly what every guy can get. There’s never any harm in going bigger and better down below.

It’s just a shame that penis pumps don’t give you a permanently bigger dick. It is only a temporary effect (for now, although with all the innovations going on in the sexual aid industry these days, it might not be long before you can choose your length and girth just as you’d choose clothes off a rack), but for those 30 minutes or so that it lasts, you’ll no doubt make the most of it. It will be impressive. It will make you smile. And it will hopefully make your date smile too, in an impressed kind of way. Do dick pumps work? Yes they do. But not forever.